First, let me apologize for the audio quality of this sermon; my mic wasn’t on and this is what an area mic picked up, so it’s pretty poor quality. I’m posting this more for the avid listener (if there is such a person) who doesn’t want to hear the later sermons out of context.

In this sermon I’m looking at how Paul develops the theme of oneness in the body of Jesus: how he applies the oneness in Christ from the previous chapter to the Ephesians’ own community–which was a mixed-race community of first-century Jews (who considered everyone else unclean) and Greeks (who considered everyone else barbarian). To these tribal groups–who are repeatedly¬†described as hostile to each other–Paul is saying that they are actually one in Christ, by the power of His Spirit. Only by Christ’s action, applied by the Spirit can the hostility and tribalism be set aside and true unity be experienced.