When we talk about missions, we try to make our starting point the Mission of God: that God reached out into the busy metropolis of Ur of the Chaldeans and chose Abram, later Abraham, to make a special people out of for Himself.  In initially explaining this to Abraham, God told him that the reason He was making a covenant with this nation He was creating was so that He could bless the whole world through them (Gen. 12).  We see the traces of this world-wide blessing across the Old Testament, in the prostitute Rahab, in Ruth, the grandmother of King David, and in various other places; but it wasn’t until the coming of Christ that this creation-wide, culture-deep mission of God exploded across the world scene, reaching to the outermost fringes of the Greco-Roman world, even to barbarian, heathen nations like Scotland, England, Sweden and Germany.  This mission of God “to the ends of the earth” continues today, even to far-flung extremities like Carbondale, IL, where God calls, uses and equips descendants of those ancient barbarians to continue to carry His Gospel to others…

Missions and missionaries we support or endorse:

Africa: Coby & Pamela McGinty (S. Africa), Steve & Carol Couch (Kenya), Susan Newkirk (S. Africa), The TentMaker Project (Uganda)

Asia: Arun Kumar (India), Curtis & Grace Quick (Taiwan), Sean & Lisa Radke (Japan)

Europe: Hatem & Lisa (Enterprise), ITEM (Theological Education), Kirk & Anna Norris (Ukraine)

N. America: Jerry Straight (Evansville, IN), Trinity Christian School (Carbondale), Jamie & Jennifer Burkemper (Mexico)

S. America: Ray & Michele Call (Uruguay)

Chaplains: Doug Lee (PRJC), Seth George (USArmy)