worship     The worship of our Creator, Redeemer and Provider is primary to Grace Presbyterian and is our main ministry.  The services are crafted in three parts, the honor God the Father, of Christ Jesus the Redeemer and of the Holy Spirit in the preaching of His Word.  The one God in His three essences is key to our spiritual life.

Covenant Groups     Started in 2018 the two groups each studied our Christian Foundations, Section I.  Over the summer of 2019 the Carbondale Cov Gp has and is studying the Gospel of Matthew.  These two and a third to begin this fall are purposed to prepare followers of Christ for godly service, and to support one another and the church to grow in the Lord.

Widow’s Mite     GPC widows and others are providing desserts for Wednesday assistance of the AME Church in Carbondale that serves lunch to 70 needy people every weekday.

Campus Ministry Participation    Grace PC, through its representative to Campus Ministry, an official religious service to SIU-C, seeks to let students know of Christian ministries in the community that they may be part of.  Last year our love and service helped three young women from three different countries by acquainting them with our church message and ministries and giving driving lessons.

missions   Grace has always been committed to the international proclamation of the Good News of Christ.  To this end we support a variety of missions on (almost) every continent of the world.

The TentMaker Project (TMP)   Grace helped to found this project in 1999.  An economic development service in Uganda, TMP offers small loans to members of Presbyterian churches there who have tiny sustainment businesses.  TMP focuses on teaching individuals biblical stewardship to recognize the gifts, talents and resources God has given them and equipping them to use those gifts to improve themselves and their community by the power of the Gospel.  The success of this ministry continues to amaze us!

Five Loaves (5L)     This is a food and Gospel service to the poorest of the poor in Uganda who are served primarily by the first Presbyterian Church in Uganda and a few of related village churches.  Grace PC is the anchor church of this ministry, but it is also supported by others in the PCA and friends in Christ.  Betsy George, our music coordinator heads this service with the help of Judith Zanotti and Heidi Rajan.

Education Assistance Uganda (EAU)     Started this year (2019) the intent of this service is to assist in the development of Christian education in Uganda as related to Presbyterian churches there.  Our Clerk of Session, elder Curt Rabe heads this service.