children’s sunday school   Our Children’s Sunday School is a multi-age program that focuses on telling and working with Bible stories using the Godly Play Curriculum. This approach uses a sensorimotor style of storytelling as a primary means of encountering the stories given to us in God’s Word.  This approach gives appropriate freedom, so children can respond to stories of the Bible through continued working with the story figures and art materials.

connect   Because God is Trinity, He is community in his essence.  Community, then, is part of bearing His image; and community groups are a means of developing this image in us.  Being formed, individually and corporately, into the Image of Christ is the goal of our meetings; through intimate prayer, personal connection, open discussion, and interactive Scripture study.

fine arts for pre-schoolers   Based on the educational methods of Charlotte Mason, we “spread a feast” before the children, offering artist study, composer study, nature study, or stories from “living books”. There will also be time for free play and a light snack provided. Please join us! No registration or fees.

grace community garden   We are starting a community garden on the land behind our building!  Please join us to help develop this space into a resource that can serve our community and city.

missions   Grace has always been committed to the international proclamation of the Good News of Christ.  To this end we support a variety of missions on (almost) every continent.

The TentMaker Project   Grace helped to found this project in 1999.  An economic development service in Uganda, it focuses on teaching individuals to recognize the gifts, talents and resources God has given them and equipping them to use those gifts to improve themselves and their community by the power of the Gospel.

feast   Food is a very intimate and important gift God gives us to enjoy His goodness and to experience community and family.  The Lord’s Supper, which we celebrate weekly, is a sacramental expression of this reality; but coming together around food is a vital part of the life of the church in other ways as well…