Purpose    We are to find God’s people and prepare them for godly service.  That is our church purpose.  To fulfill that purpose everything we do should be related to making Jesus Christ the Redeemer known.  The should about this is important to note.  We have not arrived in fulfilling our declared purpose statement.  Anyone who has a pioneering spirit about the work of the Church can join us to better fulfill our purpose.  Help us identify God’s chosen and prepare them for godly service!

missions   Grace has always been committed to the international proclamation of the Good News of Christ.  To this end we support a variety of missions on (almost) every continent.

The TentMaker Project (TMP)   Grace helped to found this project in 1999.  An economic development service in Uganda, TMP offers small loans to members of Presbyterian churches there who have tiny sustainment businesses.  TMP focuses on teaching individuals biblical stewardship to recognize the gifts, talents and resources God has given them and equipping them to use those gifts to improve themselves and their community by the power of the Gospel.  The success of this ministry continues to amaze us!