Worship is the most important thing the Church does; it is also one of the greatest blessings we receive from God.  Worship is difficult to describe because it is a mystery, yet it’s also tangible.  In one sense, we are all always worshiping;  in another sense, when we meet together to worship it is in a specific and special way.

We believe our participation in this worship of God with the Church is organically connected to the remainder of our time.  As God set His rhythms of work and rest in creation as a pattern for our lives, our time of worship together rejuvenates us and forms the pattern for our worship in the rest of our lives.

“Liturgy” is a foreign word to many of us; but it just means “the work of the people”; it points us to worship as an act rather than as an experience.  Our experience is the result of our participation in this act.  The Bible directs the shape of this act, but the experience we receive is not the result of our having done worship “right,” but of God ministering his grace to us, of Christ offering worship to the Father in our midst and, by the power of His Spirit, bringing our worship to God.

At Grace the shape of the worship service intentionally follows a narrative movement: the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is retold a different way each week, using biblical elements from the ancient church as well as the modern and, fed by the Word of God in the sermon, those who follow Jesus in faith and repentance meet the risen Lord in the sacrament of communion. In this way our worship is centered on Word and sacrament.


We meet for corporate worship on Sunday afternoons at 1:30.


When you arrive, one of our greeters will hand you a bulletin and help to answer any questions you might have. The bulletin contains the liturgy for the service, which is a guide that the church has historically used to help us as we move through the service together. If you have any questions about the elements of the liturgy, please don’t hesitate to ask.