“But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under law, to redeem those under law, that we might receive the full rights of sons,..”

Spoken at GPC, Dec 22, 2019

Intro – I was born of a woman, Annie Virginia, by name.  I surmise, from all I know, you too were born of women.  

We today had no say about being born into our families, and we didn’t buy our inheritances or specifically work for them. Furthermore, our mothers and fathers had to die, for us to be receiving heirs.

The parallel… Likewise, in the spiritual realm, you who are  in Christ were born into Christ by the Spirit of God; you had nothing to say about that regenerative birth, nor did not buy your inheritance with the risen Christ, or work for it. Jesus Christ our testator died for us to receive life anew and eternal life.

The passage, Gal 4:1-7, when I read it to you, you will notice the parallels between some of our common Last Will and Testament understandings, and what is here in Scripture.  The Book of Hebrews in once place (9:16) also makes the analogy of the human to the divine testaments.

A main element of this parallel is the birth of Christ.  For him to fulfill his redeeming Covenant with us, he had to die on our behalf.  To die, he had to be human. To be human he had to be born. To be born, his birth had to be of a woman and according to law, for us to receive rights as sons.

He became one of us and therefore he redeemed us, every one who now is identified as a believer, and those not yet born, but who are chosen for salvation.

A parable

I heard this little story and pass it on to you.

The husband/father of a family declined to attend the evening Christmas service with his wife and son, saying that he didn’t see the need of it.  They went; he stayed home with his computer and a fire in the fireplace.

A storm blew up; he noticed the blowing snow, but sat down at the fireplace.

But then he heard some bumps on the front window of the house. Checking, birds had flown into the glass, trying to escape the storm, the man supposed. One had died, two were stunned, and almost allowed him to pick them up. There were lots of agitated birds amid the snow there at the house front.

Troubled about their plight, he went to the barn, just a few paces away, turned on those old incandescent lights and opened the double doors. The troubled birds would be welcome to fly in there and roost. He hoped they would.

But they didn’t.

“Those bird seeds that we bought, that’ll do it,” he reasoned. So he seeded a trail on the fallen snow over toward the barn.  “Maybe they’ll follow the seeds, see the open doors and fly in.” Birds had often roosted in the loft. But time passed and they just continued to flutter at the front of the house, some up against the window.

He tried to discourage them from the house and encourage them toward the barn, to no avail.

Then the thought came, an impossible idea, but still it came to him: “If I could just become one of them, they would follow my lead.”  Suddenly, he remembered his wife and son, who had gone to honor the One who became one of us!

He connected the dots. He knelt right there in the snow.