The Call to Worship

The Call to Worship is Important.  It is God’s Word to us; He uses it to awaken us to Worship Him!  Skipped or taken as a routine sentence or two, its point and purpose is missed.  The Call is a SUMMONS to hear the Judge of All in effect say to us, “I Am Who I Am, your Maker, Preserver and Redeemer!  Hear My Word! Rend your hearts! Exercise Faith! Come into My presence and enter into My joy!”

This beginning is vital to the worship of God. Be settled and in prayer. Let the Call Scripture (a few verses from the Bible, often a Psalm) move your soul to thirst for God, love and honor Him.

The Call Hymn

After The Lord Calls us to worship Him, after we hear His summons to come into His courts, we respond in several ways. Those several ways are found in the parts of the service that follows.

Immediately after The Call, in our case, usually comes the Call Hymn. It comes from the history of the Church of the Lord Jesus, either recent or older history. Some affirm our desire to honor The Call and some invoke God’s blessings.

In your worship of God, try to be alert to the message of the hymn, and so worship God in the Spirit and in the Truth.

The response to The Call could be different than with a hymn of the church. It could be silent prayer, meditation, or a choral anthem, etc. Always, however, the way of response to The Call is chosen with care and thought of God’s honor.

J. Wyatt George, presbyter, GPC